Every year Pantone puts out their color of the year and everyone patiently waits to see what colors make the cut. In 2020 it was a beautiful deep blue, and they were right it was the color of the year. We sold quite a few kitchen island cabinets in blue, and, although we don’t see that trend stopping we do know that more colors will be making it into cabinetry, like yellow one of the two Pantone colors for 2021.
Yellow? Yes yellow, Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating yellow to be exact. It is sunny, friendly and speaks to optimism-something we need now more than ever. I have vivid memories of my grandparents’ kitchen from 30 years ago with yellow painted cabinets. Every time I walked into their house, that bright yellow greeted me and brought a smile to my face. For many of us yellow brings about happy nostalgic memories.
We will be sure to have fun incorporating this color into designs for those wanting a pop of color and will share with you how it all comes together later on this year. Want some ideas on how you can use yellow? Contact one of our designers. 
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