Partnership Program - Providing You with Value!


We recognize the incredibly important and stressful role you play in a renovation. Therefore we offer a variety of  benefits to help you in many ways, including taking on the difficult elements of cabinetry design and installation.

Our Showroom, Your Office

Your Meeting Space

We have one of the largest showrooms in the area, you can meet your clients there interruption free, just let us know you are coming by. Explore ideas, get inspired, borrow samples. Don’t want to get too involved in the design? That’s okay too, we’re happy to meet with your clients and keep you in the loop.


Need More Work?

After we get to know each other and see the quality of your work, we are happy to send you leads. In fact, we do it every week. We advertise our services and our clients trust us to refer them to great businesses like you. 

Installation Made Easy

Professional Install Team

We offer optional installation by our partner company PSI. The team installs cabinets every day and they know the tips and tricks for faithful execution of the design.


Thanking You

We love thank our strategic partners. Let’s talk… we’d love to tell you more. 

Finished CAD Drawings

Cabinetry Design is Complicated

Just as you need a licensed plumber to do the plumbing, it’s a good idea to work with our experts to design, layout and order your cabinets. Need drawings for the whole kitchen design, we can take care of that too. We employ engineers specifically for creating detailed finished AutoCAD drawings with clear instructions for cabinet installation, crown detail, lighting and much more. If your client is unsure about how it will look, we have 3D capability.

Avoid Schedule Delays

No More Cabinet Mishaps

After 35+ years we have encountered just about every type of jobsite issue. To remedy the most common that come up we have processes in place: 2 independent measures, 3 order reviews and stocking box materials to keep your project from being delayed.


Custom Cabinets

Very few cabinet shops offer the vast array of cabinetry that we do. We have hundreds of styles and can provide cabinets in any color, finish or wood species there is. We offer options from very simple to completely custom, you pick. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty


All our cabinet brands carry a limited lifetime warranty. Many cabinet shops come and go, however our brands have all been around through recessions and pandemics, still going strong.


Make an appointment (925.283.6500 or [email protected]) to visit our showroom. 

We’ll take a quick tour of our displays and cabinet brands and you’ll meet our team! We’ll be ready to greet you with your favorite coffee order.

Contact Us!

Let’s Talk Cabinets

Have a clear idea of what you want, or no idea at all? Our staff of design professionals are here to help. Visit our showroom for inspiration, or send us a message, and we’ll get right back to you.

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