When Selecting Cabinets


We get it, you are trying to stay within your budget for your kitchen remodel and cabinets can be very costly. Your contractor may be willing to install them for you but might not want to get into the complications of design and ordering so you take it on yourself. In our world of online shopping convenience, you think there is probably a quick and easy solution to take care of it on a website. You’re right, there is, but be careful there are a few things you should look out for.

1.  Taking Measurements Is Difficult, Expect To Take Your Own

Did you know that the 4 walls of a room are not typically built with perfect 90 degree corners? It’s true, every wall will be a slightly different width and height, and corner angles will be different too. If you are so much as a ¼ of an inch off in your measurements your cabinets may not fit correctly leading to either a workaround to get them installed (which means money spent in labor), or you may have to return some/all cabinets in that section and you won’t get your money back for that. Got the measurements right? You still may find yourself dealing with pre-sized cabinets that just don’t fit exactly in your space.

2.  Cabinet Colors and Textures May Look Different on Your Screen vs. In-Person

Ever order a shirt or shoes online only to receive them in the mail and the color is slightly off? Your bright white may come off cream, and your navy blue might actually be royal blue. Every screen is different and only when you see the cabinet sample with your own eyes and pair it with your flooring and countertop sample will you have a good idea of how it will look.

3.  You Have To Hire Your Own Installer

Sometimes it’s not just who will install your cabinets, but also who will assemble them, (which is very costly-remember labor costs more than materials most of the time). Figuring out who to hire can be tricky, you’re trusting them with an expensive part of the job where a lot can go wrong. Installed incorrectly? How long do they warrant the installation? Installers can get frustrated when you didn’t order the right part, and a few may even go as far as to hide mistakes and say “the cabinets came this way”, etc.

4.  Who Is Your Professional Designer?

Just when you think you have all the help you need, you realize the kitchen designer being provided to you is not the right fit to help you out. They are either not certified, provide you with a poor design, or worse-they’re outside the country and on a different metric system all together. Some companies may even go as far as having you initially meet with a great designer and then once they get your business having you work with another less qualified staff member. At Premier Kitchens, we’ve had clients tell us they tried going online but the designer was somewhat disconnected to the overall feel and architecture of the home since they never set foot in it.

5.  What’s the Quality and Brand of Cabinets?

You should know what you’re buying. Have you noticed that online companies don’t usually tell you what brands they are using? Sure some may offer plywood boxes and use good wood species, but what about the craftsmanship? Are their toxic chemicals used on their finishes? Good cabinet brands are very specific and detailed about what you are buying and how their cabinets are made, and have a long lasting warranty you can count on. Being able to see a variety of sample cabinets for yourself is not only reassuring but helps paint a picture of what you really purchase.

6.  Returns and Warranties

A warranty works when a company is still in business. Especially in these uncertain times, always ask how long they’ve been around. Younger companies are more risky and vulnerable. Also, read through the returns and warranties section of the websites very carefully. There may be a myriad of reasons why you can’t return cabinets even if you are being fair. Most don’t include any labor of course to replace them, and some no shipping, which could be extremely costly. Also, what’s their typical response time if your parts come damaged? Long replacement times can delay your overall job as it will affect things like countertop installations. Lastly, the warranty on the cabinets may not cover much, a good cabinet company will offer a limited lifetime warranty.

7.  Limited Styles and Options

The look and feel you are going for may not be offered. While a cabinet shop will carry between 5 to 10 brands with hundreds of colors, styles and finishes, most online cabinet companies are really only using one and your choices may be limited. …and our last piece of advice, remember springing for fantastic appliances is great, but cabinets show wear and tear in as little as 2-5 years if you skimp. At Premier Kitchens, we’re here to help you make an affordable purchase with cabinets that stand the test of time. Contact us today to get started [email protected]

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