We are pleased to announce a few new products from our cabinet maker Primary Kitchens. With new innovations and creative design, check out the latest and great in cabinetry options below, then come visit our Lafayette showroom to see them in person starting next month.


Get that same great look of walnut wood cabinets, but with a scratch resistant melamine surface. This very affordable option is a great way to add beauty without breaking the bank.
Both classic and edgy, our new gold and black onyx aluminum character doors will delivery some major eye pop to your project.
dual banded wrap around wood doors
Our line of faux wood cabinets are more realistic than ever with wood grain extending past the cabinet front and wrapping all around the edges of the door. Durable, scratch resistant, beautiful and budget-friendly these cabinets offer great value for the price.

 touch to open drawers

Great for those kitchen moments when your hands are dirty and all you have to spare is an elbow! The name says it all, yes these drawers are literally opened by the touch of your fingers, toes, elbows, wooden spoon… whatever you have to spare.
All products mentioned above are available to order now directly from us here at Premier Kitchens. For more information on any of these products including what samples are available to look and touch in our showroom, email us at [email protected] or call us at 925.283.6500
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