Whether out sailing or learning the latest design trends in New York City, Lisa Bosola brings her outgoing personality to everyone she encounters. A treasured Premier Kitchens veteran, Lisa is the go-to girl for kitchen designs. If you know Lisa you know she is busy, very busy- in fact every time I see her she is happily jogging around the office taking care of her many clients, contractors and interior design partners. Curious to hear her story, I recently interviewed her to see what has made her so successful in cabinetry and kitchen design.
Not surprisingly, Lisa’s story begins in the design realm. In the 80’s Lisa went to school for graphic design. A local Marin girl, Lisa had a passion for creativity that she wanted to tap into early on. From there, she helped run a residential remodeling company in Pleasant Hill for 25 years. During that time the recession hit and Lisa decided to change gears. She attended Los Positas and Chabot colleges to attain her National Kitchen and Bath Association certificate, and one of her classes actually led her to George, owner of Premier Kitchens. Having serious construction chops and the design schooling to round her out, George knew Lisa would be a huge asset to his team and so she was hired.
Today Lisa is as big a staple to Premier Kitchens as stuffing is to the Thanksgiving Dinner menu. She still enjoys her Cabinetry Sales and Design role at PK. Especially the fact that she truly feels like family with many of the employees who have worked there for over a decade with her. When I asked her what advice would you give to someone remodeling her kitchen she said:

“Quality! Cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen. It is costly to have to replace cheaply made cabinets! Also, work with people you’re comfortable with since they will be in your home for several months, and be careful of the lowest bidder!”

Some very sage advice for any remodeling project. Outside of work, you can catch Lisa enjoying water activities, taking in a concert, visiting her adult children or cuddling up to her 2 rescue cats.
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