He’s thoughtful, soft spoken and as hard a worker as they come. Jaycee, our autocad engineer, has been a part of the Premier Kitchens family for over 6 years. What’s a day in life like at work? He spends his time building out kitchen floor plans, cabinetry layouts and meticulously checking each measurement and design choice for perfection. Having a hard time imagining a design? No problem, Jaycee will whip up a 3D rendering of your space. He also helps with pricing and, like any small business employee can wear a wide range of hats. What’s his favorite job perk? Lunch treats!
Here’s a little background on Jaycee: Jaycee grew up in Manila, Philippines, a place he calls “noisy but full of good energy.” He went to college and graduated with a B.S. in Architecture. Prior to Premier Kitchens Jaycee worked as a Store Designer and Project Coordinator. Up until recently, he worked part time with Premier and part time in medicine, but has been such an integral part of the team he was hired on full time to do his autocad magic. Now, he has added on team members and has a full team helping with floor plan design. Always around to lend a helping hand, Jaycee is as great a co-worker as you could possibly want.
Outside the office you can find Jaycee spending time mountain or road biking and happily looking at his Gundam action figure collection.
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