Meet Gloria Palacios

When our long-time Design Assistant/ Customer Greeter, Janet Webb relocated to Texas, we knew her replacement would have some large shoes to fill. Sparkling personality? A must. Organized and efficient? Absolutely. Background in kitchen design? Yes, we needed that too. As luck would have it, along came Gloria Palacios, a perfect fit, checking all the boxes of our needs and more.
Here is a little more about Gloria. Born and raised on the island of Saipan, a U.S. territory in the Pacific, Gloria, like many, came to the US to take advantage of all the opportunities it offered. Originally she went to college to study health administration. Her natural instinct to care for others, and her kind of amazing organizational skills made this career choice a great fit. As the years past, her thirst for a new challenge needed quenching and so it was off to the kitchen design world where she could take her administrative talents and use them in a new way.
At Premier Kitchens we are absolutely thrilled to have her on our team. Excited to learn about cabinetry, Gloria will be wearing many hats for us. From scheduling meetings, to assisting the designers in every way, ( from ordering samples to liaising with our cabinet makers).

Outside of work Gloria enjoys gardening, helping out at the local food bank and spending as much time with her children and husband of 30 years and her beloved German Shepherd.

Please help us welcome our new Design Assistant, Gloria Palacios to our team,

[email protected].

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