Burgundy, France Produces More Than Fine Wines
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Burgundy, France Produces More Than Fine Wines

Headshot of Kitchen Designer Francis Combes in the Premier Kitchens showroom in black suit

Burgundy, France Produces More Than Fine Wines

They Produce Great Designers, Meet Francis.

He’s witty, kind and incredibly talented in many ways- the guy cures his own prosciutto. If you can imagine that, imagine how fantastic a designer he is. At Premier Kitchens we like to call him Franny, (as you probably already know, nicknames are always given with love to veteran members of a company), and Francis has been with us for over 5 years now. His beautifully thick French accent hails from Burgundy France and as expected, he knows a thing or two about good wine and of course good design. How did he get to the Bay Area you ask? Well here is a little background on Francis Combes, our Cabinetry Sales Designer extraordinaire.

Francis grew up in the Burgundy region of France surrounded by incredible architecture and interiors lavishly designed to the 9’s. In 1998, while attending college, he decided to move to San Francisco in a foreign exchange program to work on his French degree. While here, he met a girl, a girl he fell in love with, which was not part of the plan. He finished the program and then went back to Burgundy to finish his degree, all still thinking about the American girl he had met. They kept in touch and soon after, Francis was drafted into the army for 1.5 years, and then to his heart’s content, his American girlfriend came to Paris, and they were married in Dijon. Francis’s new wife received a job offer that she could not refuse in America so it was back to San Francisco, then to Oakland and they have been here ever since.  

How did Francis end up in the design world? You can thank his cousin and friend Jacques Garcia, top interior designer in France and the word. For example he designed the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

 love everything about my mom but a bit less her cooking and design sense but I was fortunate enough to have an amazing grandfather and family. My grandfather home was luxurious with art painted by Well know painter such as Corot, Trouillebert and Tobias Verhaert master of Paul Rubens. When I was a kid I was blown away by the details of my grandparents home, he was a captain of industry and the family owned an aluminum stamping company. Their homes was lavish with details that I didn’t understand but loved. For example, there was a narrow loom wool carpet with wool stitching in the middle. For a little boy it felt that it was 100 feet long. -Francis Combes

He attended UC Berkeley and earned Bachelor’s Degrees in Business as well as Interior Design and Architecture. For 15 years he was self-employed taking on projects from lighting design, (his specialty), to remodeling and interior design. He then spent time working at a Design-Build firm and then it was off to Premier Kitchens. 

Francis is certified as an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. If you are lucky enough to collaborate with him on a kitchen design you will love his countless ideas regarding style and functionality of your space. He is always careful to share ideas but not force them on any of his clients and is well liked for that. 

Outside the office you can find Francis competing in a field archery tournament, making a lovely foie gras for his wife and 2 grown children, or relaxing in nature as he takes photos of landscapes. 

Interested in hearing Francis’s ideas for your project? Send him an email fcombes@premierkitchens.net

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