Paul Wildrick

Paul Wildrick Paul is an entrepreneurial executive and hands-on business leader who performs his job with academic detachment. This approach means that his experiences range from company development and funding, market and sales planning to product launch and profitability. He believes that achieving success often boils down to 4 P’s: potential, passion, people, and priorities. […]

Jaycee Tan

Jaycee Tan  He’s thoughtful, soft spoken and as hard a worker as they come. Jaycee, our autocad engineer, has been a part of the Premier Kitchens family for over 6 years. What’s a day in life like at work? He spends his time building out kitchen floor plans, cabinetry layouts and meticulously checking each measurement […]

Tania Quintero

Tania Quintero: Master’s in Customer Service  Nice to Meet You! My name is Tania.  Most people say that I have a quiet demeanor, soft smile, and am easily approachable. I value any time a client shares with me and I enjoy listening to their insights and vision. I love to decorate a home and select cabinetry […]

Gloria Palacios

Gloria Palacios When our long-time Design Assistant/ Customer Greeter, Janet Webb relocated to Texas, we knew her replacement would have some large shoes to fill. Sparkling personality? A must. Organized and efficient? Absolutely. Background in kitchen design? Yes, we needed that too. As luck would have it, along came Gloria Palacios, a perfect fit, checking […]

Julie Copeland

Julie Copeland 35 years ago Julie Copeland and George Luzuriaga embarked on this journey. Today, our goal is still the same: we provide home cabinetry options of great value and a team with excellent service. We started out with a hybrid approach, offering manufactured cabinets and utilizing a partnering local carpentry shop to handle customizations and […]

Engthia Cambero

Engthia Cambero Meet the newest member of our design team, Engthia Cambero. A seasoned kitchen and bath design expert, Engthia comes to us with over 20 years experience. We are so lucky to have such a talented and knowledgeable professional join our team. Here is a little bit more about Engthia.  She doesn’t just like […]

Lisa Bosola

Lisa Bosola Whether out sailing or learning the latest design trends in New York City, Lisa Bosola brings her outgoing personality to everyone she encounters. A treasured Premier Kitchens veteran, Lisa is the go-to girl for kitchen designs. If you know Lisa you know she is busy, very busy- in fact every time I see […]

The Best Kitchen Hacks Yet

Let’s face it between counter clutter and junk drawers it is hard to keep the kitchen clean and organized. Here are a few of our favorite hacks that free up storage space and help your kitchen looking tidy and organized. Free The Counter Space Ditch the fruit bowl and use this creative way to store […]

Kitchen Design Styles Leaving Us

If you are a designer or homeowner starting a kitchen renovation you have read copious amounts of articles about what’s trending in kitchen design. At Premier Kitchens, needless to say, it’s our job to stay on top of these things. What you probably haven’t read is what’s falling out of trend and why. There are […]

What to Consider When Choosing Cabinets

Selecting the right cabinets for your home is easily one of the more complicated and expensive selections for your renovation. Our advice? Buy it once and buy it right. Unlike appliances and faucets that last for 10-15 years, good solid cabinets can last you a lifetime. But how to choose? What’s important and what’s not? […]

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